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So...true story, my love for photography actually started with a bribe. When I was about 7 years old, my older brother, while cleaning his room, found an old Kodak Instamatic 110 camera. Being a loving and generous big brother, his first thought was, "How can I use this to get Jaclyn to do something for me?" So he struck a deal with me. The stipulations: I feed the cat (his job) and then...I get the camera. Best deal I ever made! I remember getting that first role of developed film back and thinking it was pure magic! The idea that I could "freeze a moment in time" pretty much blew my mind! I would return to this thought years later as I flipped through photos of my amazing 99 year old great-grandmother 80 years earlier. It was so fascinating to me that I could see what she looked like as a 19 year old even though I never knew her then. Since the day I picked up my first camera, I haven't been able to put one down. I have adored pretty much every form of art for as long as I could remember. Being a wedding and portrait photographer allows me to combine my love for documenting life with my love for art.

Photo Credit: Evan Perigo 

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